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1.  Why do I have to take a Firearms Safety Class? 
    If you desire to own firearms, you are required to take a firearms safety class prior to applying for your permit. 
2.  What class do I need in order to apply for a firearms license in Massachusetts?
     The Massachusetts General Law C.140 s.131P states that any person making an application for an LTC (License to Carry) or FID
     (firearms ID) card, must submit to the licensing  authority a basic firearms safety certificate.  
3.  What is the difference between an LTC and an FID?  
     An LTC (License to Carry) allows purchase, possession, and transport of handguns, rifles and shotguns.  An applicant for an LTC must
     be 21 years of age or older.  An FID card is strictly for rifles and shotguns that can accept a limited amount of ammunition.  An applicant
     for an FID must reside in Massachusetts and be 18 years of age or older, or 15 years of age with parental permission. 

4.  Will the NRA Basic Pistol Class or Home Firearms Safety Class meet all of the requirements for me to apply for a license to carry? 
     Yes.  Both of these classes offered through Liberty Firearms Training Inc. will qualify applicants for the Massachusetts LTC/FID
     firearms licenses. 

5.  When will I receive my training certificate from Liberty Firearms Training?
     Your instructor will hand you both your NRA Certificate and your Massachusetts Basic Firearms Safety (BFS) Certificate at the completion
     of the class.
6.  What is the difference between the NRA Basic Pistol Class and Home Firearms Safety Class?
     The NRA Basic Pistol Class teaches you the basic skills needed to safely handle and shoot a handgun.  This is a good place to start if you
     have little or no experience shooting or are concerned about your ability to safely handle a pistol.  The class begins with safety and then
     moves on to the basic gun shooting fundamentals.  We also discuss various types of ammunition, what to look for when you are purchasing
     a pistol, and practice what we have learned at a range doing some shooting.
     The NRA Home Firearms Safety Class is designed to teach the basic skills needed to safely handle and store guns in the home.  The class
     begins with safety and then moves into handguns, rifles and shotguns discussing ammunition, cleaning and storage.  There is no shooting in
     this class and does qualify applicants for the Massachusetts LTC / FID firearms licenses.
7.  How large can a class be? 
     Due to COVID these classes will be smaller than normal.  

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